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SCODY Sydney Cup On Wheels

Index of Events

1 U11 Warm-up Derbies
1a U11 Warm-up Derby H1
1b U11 Warm-up Derby H2
2 U13 Warm-up Derbies
2a JG13 Warm-up Derby H1
2b JG13 Warm-up Derby H2
2c JB13 Warm-up Derby H3
3 JW15 Warm-up Scratch Race
4 JM15 Warm-up Scratch Races
5 JW17 Warm-up Scratch Races
6 JM17 Warm-up Scratch Races
7 Open Women Warm-up Derbies
7a Open Women Warm-up Derby H1
7b Open Women Warm-up Derby H2
8 Open Men Warm-up Derbies
8a Open Men Warm-up Derby H1
8b Open Men Warm-up Derby H2
8c Open Men Warm-up Derby H3
8d Open Men Warm-up Derby H4
8e Open Men Warm-up Derby H5
9 U11 Scratch Race
10 U13 Scratch Race
11 JW15 Tempo Race
12 JM15 Tempo Race
13 JW17 Tempo Race
14 JM17 Tempo Race
15 Open Women Tempo Race
16 Div 2 Men Tempo Race
17 Div 1 Men Tempo Race
18 U11 1-Lap Time Trials
19 U13 1-Lap Time Trials
20 JW15 Elimination Race
21 JM15 Elimination Race
22 JW17 Elimination Race
23 JM17 Elimination Race
24 Open Women Elimination Race
25 Div 2 Men Elimination Race
26 Div 1 Men Elimination Race
27 Official Break
28 U11 SCOW Handicap
29 U13 SCOW Handicap
30 JW15 SCOW Handicap
31 JM15 SCOW Handicap
32 JW17 SCOW Handicap
33 JM17 SCOW Handicap
34 Open Women SCOW Handicap
35 Open Men SCOW Handicap
36 Presentations
37 U11 Graded Scratch
38 U13 Graded Scratch
39 JW15 Mystery Lapper
40 JM15 Mystery Lapper
41 JW17 Mystery Lapper
42 JM17 Mystery Lapper
43 Open Women Mystery Lapper
44 Div 2 Men Mystery Lapper
45 Div 1 Men Division 1 Men Time Blaster