NSW Junior Track Championships 2021 Pursuit and Keirin

Index of Events

1 JW15 Individual Pursuit Qualifier
2 JM15 Individual Pursuit Qualifier
3 JW17 Individual Pursuit Qualifier
4 JM17 Individual Pursuit Qualifier
Official Break
5a JW15 Individual Pursuit Bronze Ride
5b JW15 Individual Pursuit Gold Ride
6a JM15 Individual Pursuit Bronze Ride
6b JM15 Individual Pursuit Gold Ride
7a JW17 Individual Pursuit Bronze Ride
7b JW17 Individual Pursuit Gold Ride
8a JM17 Individual Pursuit Bronze Ride
8b JM17 Individual Pursuit Gold Ride
p1 JW15 Individual Pursuit Presentation
p2 JM15 Individual Pursuit Presentation
p3 JW17 Individual Pursuit Presentation
p4 JM17 Individual Pursuit Presentation
p5 Cyclist of the Year Presentation
9a JW15 Keirin - 1st Round
9b JW15 Keirin - 1st Round
9c JW15 Keirin - 1st Round
10a JM15 Keirin - 1st Round
10b JM15 Keirin - 1st Round
10c JM15 Keirin - 1st Round
11a JW17 Keirin - 1st Round
11b JW17 Keirin - 1st Round
12a JM17 Keirin - 1st Round
12b JM17 Keirin - 1st Round
12c JM17 Keirin - 1st Round
Official Break
13a JW15 Keirin - Repechages
13b JW15 Keirin - Repechages
14a JM15 Keirin - Repechages
14b JM15 Keirin - Repechages
15a JW17 Keirin - Repechages
15b JW17 Keirin - Repechages
16a JM17 Keirin - Repechages
16b JM17 Keirin - Repechages
Official Break
17a JW15 Keirin - Semi-Final
17b JW15 Keirin - Semi-Final
18a JM15 Keirin - Semi-Final
18b JM15 Keirin - Semi-Final
19a JM17 Keirin - Semi-Final
19b JM17 Keirin - Semi-Final
Official Break
20 JW15 Keirin - 7th to 12th
21 JW15 Keirin - Final
22 JM15 Keirin - 7th to 12th
23 JM15 Keirin - Final
24 JW17 Keirin - 7th to 12th
25 JW17 Keirin - Final
26 JM17 Keirin - 7th to 12th
27 JM17 Keirin - Final
p11 JW15 Keirin Presentation
p12 JM15 Keirin Presentation
p13 JW17 Keirin Presentation
p14 JM17 Keirin Presentation
28 U15 & U17 Non Champ Additional Ride